If you are looking for a product that will save you time while being efficient and easy to use, a product that makes any surface shiny and clean, consider our Renideo cloths for maintaining even the most demanding surfaces!

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The microfibers the RENIDEO cloth is made of, are so fine that they can go deep into the surface and are extremely good at removing dust, fingerprints and marks from water.


We have 20% off ready for your next purchase! All you have to do is follow four simple steps which help other customers recognize are needed to help the quality of the cloth and provide us with important information. In return we will reward you by adding coupons! Each step is rewarded with a 5% discount. Find out more at the link below!  


For all orders above the value of HRK 300 shipping will be free of charge.


Fill out a simple 60-second questionnaire and we’ll send you a free cloth to clean your glasses or your smartphone screen!

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