Renideo Plus Stainless Steel Cloth

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Renideo plus patch specializes in cleaning all surfaces that are particularly sensitive to fingerprints and water marks. Therefore, they are extremely recommended for cleaning stainless steel kitchens and in catering.

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The efficiency of the finest micro-matrix fibers RENIDEO SHINE and RENIDEO PLUS cloth is obtained by a special technological process of mixing and refining polyester and polyamide. The extraordinarily fine fiber effortlessly removes fingerprints or water stains and makes the surface shiny. A polyester mesh is installed in the center of the knitting, allowing the stability and durability of the fabric.

RENIDEO PLUS is an innovative fabric for the care of glossy stainless steel surfaces. The added value of the cloths is given by silver ions embedded in the treatment of silver chloride, which make the fabric clean and fresh by protecting it from colonization of germs and bacteria.

The microfibers that make the RENIDEO cloth are so fine that they can go deep into the surface which is to be cleaned and are extremely good at removing dust, prints and marks from water.

Using a Renideo cloth is cost effective in the long run. It reduces the use of cleanser and saves time and energy.

If you follow the instructions of the RENIDEO cloth,it can last over 100 washes.

The fibers from which the Renideo cloth for the care of the surface are made consist of 80% polyester and 20% polyamides. In the subsequent chemical process, the two-component fibers are separated to the microfiber level.

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The internationally agreed unit for measuring the finesse of fiber is tex. One tex is the mass in grams of one kilometer yarn. The system is decimal and uses metric system units. By comparison, the cotton thread has 200 dtex-a finesse, human hair 20 dtex, silk 8, and microfiber RENIDEO cloths for care surfaces only 0.3 dtexa.

The secret to why the RENIDEO cloth is so good at cleaning is in its composition and mechanical properties. Microfibers of such exceptional fineness of rich structure can mechanically accept and “capture” dust particles, while cotton fibres only “move” them.

Cotton fibers | B.B. Textile

The advantage of polyester is that it cleans, and polyamide provides the ability to absorb and retain fluid.

“In order for the knitted material to have stability, the mesh of 100 polyester is twisted into the center of the fabric and thus the composition of the material of the whole fabric moves in favor of polyester to 82 / 12 polyam instead of 80 PES / 20 PA”.


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