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A good and quality surface care cloth is one of the most versatile tools in housekeeping

A necessary part of the interior of each kitchen is the variety of products and appliances that help us perform a wide range of activities from cooking and washing to proper space maintenance. The importance of some of these items is immediately obvious while other items may go unnoticed. One of the most important items, both in the kitchen and throughout the home, is undoubtedly a quality surface care cloth.

According to a study by Global Hygiene Council on daily cleaning schedules, which is recommended for proper hygiene in the kitchen, there is a detailed wiping of all work surfaces. While such a recommendation may seem simple, we may encounter problems in the application. Cloths with improper absorption or inadequate cleaning against may leave marks or stains, which then require additional wiping.

Top cloth! It is rightly called the magic cloth, and its quality, durability and efficiency are recognizable after the first use.

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The cleaning effect and results are visible after a few strokes

Do you know why a simple cloth is not enough? The vast majority of households use cotton cloths but it is worth noting that their properties are not nearly as useful as the microfiber cloths, which, due to their extremely thoughtful structure, clean even the most demanding surfaces.

One of these products is the Renideo Sjaj cloth made from knitwear, consisting of 0.3 dtex microfiber, which penetrates surface and collects even the smallest dust particles. These characteristics guarantee excellent cleaning performance and results that are visible after only a few wipes.


Environmentally friendly

Also, we should not forget the fact that the life of such a cloth is incomparably longer, so it is more economical and environmentally friendly to clean with a single microfiber cloth, than to clean with a few cotton cloths or T-shirts that often leave so-called cloths on the surface. “lint balls”.

A surface care cloth that is great and made of high quality materials is going to become the most versatile and reliable ally in the fight against dirt and the many household challenges that our daily life poses for everyone.


Save time, efficiency and ease of maintenance

If you are looking for just the kind of product that will save you time while being efficient and easy to maintain; a product that will leave no marks and will make every surface easy to maintain – consider our Renideo Gloss cloth!


Renideo SJAJ!

In just a few light strokes with a dry or soaked, tightly squeezed cloth, a radiant look of shiny surfaces is given.

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