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For clean lenses

If you are a professional or hobby photographer the Renideo cloth you will be your best friend.

For a clean cellphone screen

Get rid of packs and greasy fingerprints on your smartphone screen in the blink of an eye.

For clean glasses

A better view of the world through the frames of your glasses with the Renideo cloth, all without chemicals!

For a clean monitor

Keeping your monitor clean and shiny has never been easier.

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We believe in our products and stand behind their quality. But to convince new customers of the quality of the Renideo cloth, we also need your help. If you have had the opportunity to use one of our cloths we would love to hear your opinion. Leave a review and give us a rating and we will make sure you get an additional 10% off!

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The best cloth in the world!


Save time, efficiency and easy maintenance

A good, quality surface care cloth is one of the most versatile tools in housekeeping and if the cleaning effect and results are visible after a few strokes, then it was definitely Renideo.

Efficient. Cost-friendly. Long lasting.

Not only a good, but a good looking cloth too!

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