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Magic cloths on sale

Magic cloths on sale

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A shining bar – a prerequisite for a successful catering business

A shining bar – a prerequisite for a successful catering business

The simplicity, quality and innovativeness of Renideo Plus surface care cloths lies in their careful construction and processing. The finest micro-matrix fibers are obtained by a special technological process of mixing and refining polyester and polyamide, which allows the cloth to effortlessly remove stains and make surfaces shiny.

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By discovering B.B. Textile, I also discovered an irreplaceable surface care cloths! I have been buying microfiber cloths from various manufacturers for years now, but I often find them lacking in use because they do not absorb well or leave marks. Now that I am using Renideo Shine and the Renideo Plus cloths I always get great results! The only ones that showed great results against others were the Renideo Shine and the Renideo Plus cloths.

Korina Ban

I really don’t like to clean which is why Renideo cloths were a real discovery for me. Using them to clean the kitchen, the bathroom, glass and other surfaces in every room of my house much easier and more efficient, and since it is much faster, I have much more time to do the things I love! Congratulations on being innovative, Renideo is a truly revolutionary cloths! I’ll recommend them to everyone!

Summer InSiam

Renideo cloths are simply perfect for all surfaces, whether wet or dry. They leave no traces or lint and are much more durable than any known, higher quality “magic” cloths. Even after many washings, Renideo cloths are as effective as on the first day.

Dejanira Rajger

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